Tiffany D. Pogue, PhD

scholar. professor. consultant. life coach. culture critic.

Tiffany D. Pogue (she/her/hers) is an Assistant Professor of Teacher Education and Program Coordinator of Education Foundations at Albany State University.   Her research interests include Black Educational History and Philosophy, Black Literacy Traditions, and Community-School Engagement.  Tiffany believes that through a critical exploration and examination of history, Black scholars and activists can collaboratively craft a narrative of hope, and plans for, the improvement of society. Her current work examines the role of Black women’s literacy in the practices of Black spirituality, Black educational activism, and Black cultural preservation.  Tiffany is an Eric Thomas and Associates Certified Speaker.

“In order to see where we are going, we not only must remember where we have been, but understand where we have been.”-Ella Baker


My Research Agenda and Educational Philosophy

My research lies in ther interstitial spaces that exist between Black Educational History, Literacy, and Community Engagement.  Not only do I seek to document, study, and understand constructs in this space, I more importantly seek to apply what I learn to real world solutions to the social injustices that plague humanity.  My research is more about impacting the day-to-day realities of students than about producing scholarship merely for the point of production.

Through my other businesses, I conduct diversity and inclusion workshops, seminars on culturally relevant pedagogy, and coach clients on achieving holistic success.  I see all of these things as essential to my role as an educator whose basic educational philosophy is social reconstruction.